East Japan great earthquake disaster

A major earthquake occurred off Miyagi prefecture in eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, before 3 pm. After that, a huge tsunami of 16.7 meters high hit the coast. It is said that more than 15,000 people were sacrificed because the tsunami destroyed most buildings of lowland and uprooted them into the ocean.

After tsunami, 津波の後

lso, since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station has caused meltdown, local residents are still unable to return due to radiation fear of local pollution.

Japan is a country with many natural disasters. Once in several years, a devastating earthquake happens somewhere. Unfortunately, even with modern science and technology it is impossible to predict it.


Nori is often used for Japanese food. For example, it is used for Onigiri, rolled sushi, Gunkanmaki of sushi and so on.  Nori is made by stretching the seaweed into a paper and then drying it.

Nori, 海苔

In addition, many Westerners do not have enzymes that digest seaweed. So they eat it but they are discharged without being digested.

Wooden hosing

The traditional Japanese housing is wooden. The traditional Japanese housing is wooden. In summer, wood absorbs moisture, and in winter its’s keeps warm air.

Old wooden housing, 古い木造住宅

Therefore, most of the houses are still wooden. However, in recent years it is built in combination with modern materials, Because there is a limit to the basic performance of wood.

In addition, wooden houses deteriorate as soon as people leave without living.


I heard that many foreigners think that Japanese people eat sushi every day. However, many Japanese do not eat sushi frequently. Because it is expensive to eat at sushi restaurant. ut at supermarkets and convenience stores we can buy cooked sushi at reasonable prices.

Sushi, 寿司

By the way, before modern day, sushi was a little kind of ingredients, and it was a fast food to eat on a stall.


In Japan, Gyoza(餃子) are often eaten. It is wrapping minced meat and vegetables with the skin of wheat. Although it was originally Chinese food, but it also penetrated Japan.

In China, boiled gyoza are common, but in Japan the baked gyoza are preferred. It is common to eat with sauce that mixed soy sauce, vinegar and chili Oil.

dumpling, 餃子

Also, I heard that Chinese gyoza do not contain garlic, but in Japan there are many gyoza including garlic.


In English, Is “Mansion” a luxurious residence? For example it is with a swimming pool.

In Japan, apartment houses made of reinforced concrete are called condominiums. Even small ones, even plain for low-income people are made of reinforced concrete, it is a mansion. In other words, we refer to the condominium as “mansion”.

Tower mansion, タワーマンション
Recent years, Tower mansion that over 20 floors are popular in urban areas

On the other hand, wooden apartment houses are called “apartments” even if they are made of advanced building technology.



Hay fever, 花粉症


  • くしゃみが止まらない
  • 目元がかゆくなる
  • 目が開けづらくなる
  • 鼻水が出る
  • 熱が出る
  • 集中力がなくなる







Every March 3rd is the day of Hinamatsuri(雛祭り). We pray for the growth of girls. However, it is not a holiday.

Traditional families with girls decorate dolls called “Hinaningyou(雛人形)” at their house.

Hinaninngyou, 雛人形
The dolls are wearing costumes of aristocracy of more than 1000 years old.

Furthermore, there is a superstition that girls’ marriage is delayed when the removal of the dolls is delayed after the Hinamatsuri.