There is endemic disease called “Kafunsyou(花粉症)” in Japan. About 1/3 of the people seem to have it. I have been suffering from it for about ten years ago.

Hay fever, 花粉症

Hay fever is an allergy that causes various symptoms due to pollen scattered. The main symptoms are as follows.

  • Sneezing does not stop
  • Eye itches
  • hard to open eyes
  • runny nose
  • get a fever
  • lose concentration

The most common allergy is caused by cedar pollen. It becomes prominent in the early spring. However, some people have allergies other than cedar and multiple allergies.

Hay fever is not congenital. It appears that the amount of pollen in the body exceeds the amount received. However, the amount of demand depends on individuals. Some people become hay fever from a young age, others begin to grow up as adults. Since it is allergic, it is irrelevant to physical fitness. Even strong athletes suffer from hay fever. Therefore Filipino people may have hay fever one day if they are long in Japan.

In my experience, I can escape from suffering if I evacuate to the Philippines. Even in the midst of pollen allergy, symptoms will cure 20 minutes after takeoff on an airplane, and it will cure completely in the Philippines. I will recur soon after returning to Japan…

Likewise, even in Japan I heared that if we go to Okinawa Prefecture, pollen allergy disappears. Even Okinawa should have many cedar pollen flying.

Therefore, allergies of hay fever may originate not only in pollen but also in complex conditions such as chemical substances peculiar to urban areas.


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