About this site…

This site is a Japanese guidebook for Filipinos who mainly want to study Japan and Japanese. It is written a lot of shortcuts for Filipinos to adapt early to Japan. Therefore, please don’t read those who want to visit Japan without prior knowledge and want to know everything on their own. Or read only the topics you want to know.

This is just my personal opinion, but Japan will depend more on the Philippines in the near future. Especially to English teachers. Because the Japanese government decided to require English education class for all of elementary schools third graders or more from April 2020. Although English education at elementary school has already begun, but it is still targeting higher grades, and it is only recreation like content.

Japanese elementary school has six years system. And the new policy applies to about 20,000 schools and 4 million students. However, there are not many Japanese elementary school teachers who can speak English well. Of course, it is difficult for elementary school teachers to acquire skills to teach English while working.

So, I’m sure that tha best way is to invite many ESL teachers from the Philippines. In recent years, since the Philippines plays an important role as a study abroad destination of English from Japan. In the next stage, let these ESL teachers work in Japan. If they work in Japan, they can’t meet their families and friends easily. However, they will be able to transfer more money to their family than the ESl school salary in the Philippines. If they acquire Japanese conversation skills and Japanese customs, they can also increase their income more as a supervisor.

Currently, it’s too hard the Filipinos to aquire the working visa of Japan. But it’s may be changed. For example, only for skilled teachers who have worked at ESL school for over 3 years. In the near future, more than tens of thousands of Filipino ESL teachers may be working at elementary schools at all of Japan.

I love Filipinos. I interacted with many Filipinos through my hobby scuba diving. They will give vitality to Japan because the most of Filipinos are cheerful and positive. I am looking forward to that day coming. Because, although Japan is richer than the Philippines, but many people feel unnecessary anxiety.

Incidentally, Please let me know if you find a inadequacy in English in this site. Because I am writing this via Google translate. That way I will be better at using it.

Sep. 17 2017