In outdoor restaurants in the Philippine resort, sparrows steal people’s food. They are small but bullish. Sparrow is a common bird in Japan.

Sparrow, スズメ

However, in recent years the number of sparrows is decreasing. According to one theory, It seems that crows often aim for sparrows’ chicks because Crows can not easily obtain human garbage by the diffusion of garbage protection net.


As well as doves, crows are often seen in Japan. They are called “Karasu(カラス)” in Japanese.

Crow, カラス

Crow’s whole body is black and creepy. And they are often regarded as pests, because they catch garbage put out by people. However, in Japan, all wild birds are protected by law, so permission is required for hunting and disinfection.

Furthermore, crows are more intelligent than other birds and have a good memory, If someone harasses them, it may be counterattacked from that individual at a later date.

Also, I had used to see two crows of pipe-shaped corn snacks called “Umaibou(うまい棒)” and a crow that will fly up. It is unknown how to remove it from the package.

But, the number of crows is decreasing more than in the past. Because now the human side always puts a net on the garbage accumulation place. Then they can’t easily get foods as before.


Doves are everywhere in the city of Japan. Moreover, they do not run until human beings approach closer. Foreigners seem surprised that there are many foods that look delicious on the side of people.

Dove, 鳩

Actually Japanese legislation prohibits catching doves, Japanese do not have a habit of eating doves. Therefore, they are not wary of humans.

Incidentally, Food feeding to doves is prohibited because there is a problem of stool damage.


There is an “Eto(干支)” culture in Japan. It is a concept imported from ancient China as it is called Chinese Zodiac in English.

There are 12 kinds of animals allocated every year, and they change in order. This year’s animals are dogs, 2017 was rooster and 2016 was monkey.

Dog's ornament, 犬の置物

Of course, animals have no meaning, but the animal-related goods can be sold as a symbol of the year. In shorts it is one of commercial customs.

Stray cat

There are no stray dogs in urban areas of Japan, but we can see stray cats sometimes. Most cats run away when someone approaches, but some cats are familiar to humans.


There is also “regional cat”. They have no specific owner, but volunteers in the area feeds and watch over them. They do not breed because they have undergone castration surgery. There is a notch in the ears of the castrated cat.

I do not know whether the anime of the “Youkai Watch” is being televised in the Philippines, Jiba-nyan also has incise in his ear, so he can not make offsprings. He dead already. He is a ghost called “Youkai”.

Jibanyan, ジバニャン

Stray dog

We often see stray dogs in the Philippines. But I heard that we should not to  touch them. Because they may have skin diseases and rabies.


In Japan, there are no stray dogs, at least in urban areas. Though they were several decades ago. Perhaps it is because the city developed and stray dogs can not live in there. Incidentally, I sometimes see a stray cat.

Also, the number of owners who give dogs contraceptive surgery is increasing. Nonetheless, there are some foolish people who threw out the baby puppies. Dogs who were unable to find an owner after being protected would have been killed. I do not want that necessity it.

By the way, there have been no cases of human rabies in Japan for more than 60 years. However, there is a case that Japanese suffered rabies in the Philippines.