Bad custom

It is said that Japan is an advanced country, but there are many bad customs for Japan. One of them is intolerance.

Last year, a girl student at a prefectural high school in Osaka tried a trial against the school. She lost her physical condition and suffered a disadvantage because she was forced to dye her birth-in brown hair into black from the school. The school said that they make the same request even to blonde international students, too. And Osaka Prefecture also requests the court to dismiss claims.

Female hair

The majority of Japanese hair color is black or dark brown. But there is no reason why all the students should be unified. I can understand that why they ban hair dyeing for their students.  But it is human rights violation to deny what is innate. After all, the school just wants to manage students uniformly. They do not recognize that it is not good for Japanese society.

Japanese are strong against competition based on rules in such as sports or industry. On the other hand, Japanese are not good at newly creating something epochal. The cause is in Japan’s stupid school education. Because many schools require students to have the same idea and personality.

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