How to buy a train ticket

The railway network is substantial in urban areas of Japan. Also, since Japan is a vending machine powerhouse, we buy a ticket at a ticket vending machine when we ride a train.


Even foreigners will be able to grasp the general usage of ticket vending machines. Because the buttons are divided for each charge, you only have to put in money and press one of the buttons.

Therefore, difficulties for foreigners may understand some of the charges to the destination. The railway fee depends on the distance you got on the train.

The train map is displayed on the wall above the ticket vending machine at the station, but finding it from there is troublesome. For some unfamiliar territory it is difficult for Japanese people. Therefore it would be easier to remember how to use the train guide application on smartphones.

Well, most railway stations have an information desk, so when you ask, a clerk will tell you the fee to the destination.

In addition, we can buy a ticket for the Shinkansen even with a ticket vending machine. However, many people order clerks at windows to negotiate conditions such as seat assignment.

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