There are Home bath, Sento, and Onsen in Japan.

In Japan, it is said that “Onsen will come out anywhere”, as there are many volcanoes. However, it will never become an Onsen place everywhere of Japan. Because mining may fail and we need to dig more than 1,000 meters. Moreover the development and maintenance are costly.

Therefore, there are many Onsen sights in every part of Japan. In the northern part of Kyushu where my hometown, Beppu and Yufuin in Oita Prefecture, Ureshino and Takeo in Saga Prefecture, and Unzen in Nagasaki Prefecture are famous. In Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture is popular in the place close to Tokyo, there are Onsen anywhere. Of course it is also in Tokyo.

The manner of using Onsen is the same as public bath.

By the way, in Jigokudani in Nagano Prefecture, Japanese monkeys that are soak in Onsen in In snowy winter are famous. They also know how to enjoy Japanese style baths, no one tells it them.

Monkey in Onsen, 温泉と猿

Humans should also try to challenge Japanese Onsen culture.

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