If you get used to a Japanese bath, please try to challenge the “Sento(銭湯)” as a next step. Sento is a public bath, It’s a Japanese – style spa. One charge is less than 500 yen.

Sentou, 銭湯

Sento is a service that was born when the housing of Japan was still underdeveloped and there was no bath in each household. Even now, although baths have become widespread, there are many fans of it. Because unlike a family bath, we can enjoy the following experiences.

Large Bathtab

We can soak our body in plenty of hot water and extend our legs.

In addition, swimming and dancing in the bathtub is a violation of manner.


We can obtain a massage effect, since bubbles blown from the walls and floor of the bathtub vigorously.

Electric bath

Weak electricity is flowing in hot water in bathtub, we can receive modest stimulus.


It is literally a sauna. There is a dried “dry sauna” and a steam filled “mist sauna”.

Cold water bath

It is a cold water bath. Immersed after a hot sauna is effective in restoring fatigue by exercise.

The basic rules of Sento are as follows.

  • We have to use it naked.
  • We wash our bodies and hair ahead of being soaked in a bathtub.
  • When we leave the sauna, lightly wash away sweat with a shower before entering the bath tub.
  • Do not soak your towel in the bathtub.
  • We can rent towels for a fee. Shared soap or body soap, shampoo & rinse type are equipped.

I hear that many foreign countries have no habit of being naked in front of people, except for young children. But if you get used to it you will not mind. Of course, you can partially hide it with a towel.

By the way, in the early 2015, a Sento opened in front of the J Park Hotel on Mactan Island, alongside the Metro supermarket. At that time, I stayed on that island, so I only used it once. But it seems that it was closed after a while. Maybe there were few customers. Because short-stay travelers will not use. Therefore, customers are Japanese English students who stay for a long time or Japanese staff of diving service.

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