Takeshima Issue

Takeshima is a remote island off the coast of Shimane prefecture in Japan. Both Japan and South Korea claim their ownership of the island. Because it is located almost equidistant from Japan and Korean Peninsula.

Takeshima, 竹島
Takeshima is the place of the pin.

Under the agreement, both countries can fish in the waters around the island. But, the Korean side has base on the island and is effectively controlling. As a result, fishermen on the Japanese side can not fish there.

However, the opinion of Japan is “Takeshima is the territory of Japan”. Since it is written in the old document that it is the territory of Japan. Therefore, Japan requires the International Intermediary Court to decide its ownership, but since Korea does not agree, it has not received a trial. Because the trial requires the mutual consent of both parties.

This situation resembles the Spratly Islands in the Philippine Sea, In the point that the opposite country has ignored the trial and is controlling  effectively.

By the way, Korea occupied Takeshima when Japan was disarmed after the Pacific War.

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