Japan and Korea

In Korea, The Pyeongchang Olympic Games will start today. Most of Filipinos may not be familiar with the winter Olympic Games.

The nearest foreign country from Japan is Korea. Both countries had exchange since ancient times. I have heard that language of Japanese and Korean have the same grammar. Before the modern age, advanced Chinese culture was often brought to Japan via the Korean Peninsula. One of the ancestors of the Emperor is the empress from the Korean Peninsula.

Flags of Japan & Korea, 日韓の国旗

By the way, 73 years ago, there was no Korea country. From 1910 to 1945 the Korean Peninsula was also Japan.

It was not desirable, But since the Korean Peninsula is surrounded by China, Russia (Soviet) and Japan, at that time it was not able to stand the position of an independent country.

However, after the end of the Pacific War Korea has been independent from Japan. And there are many Koreans in Japan who continue to live in Japan.

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