As well as doves, crows are often seen in Japan. They are called “Karasu(カラス)” in Japanese.

Crow, カラス

Crow’s whole body is black and creepy. And they are often regarded as pests, because they catch garbage put out by people. However, in Japan, all wild birds are protected by law, so permission is required for hunting and disinfection.

Furthermore, crows are more intelligent than other birds and have a good memory, If someone harasses them, it may be counterattacked from that individual at a later date.

Also, I had used to see two crows of pipe-shaped corn snacks called “Umaibou(うまい棒)” and a crow that will fly up. It is unknown how to remove it from the package.

But, the number of crows is decreasing more than in the past. Because now the human side always puts a net on the garbage accumulation place. Then they can’t easily get foods as before.

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