New Adult Day

The second Monday of January every year is a holiday called “New Adult Day”. In the past it was fixed on January 15th, but the government changed so to make three consecutive holidays. However, there are places where the  ceremonies are held in the summer’s homecoming season in some regions.

A celebration called “Coming-of-age Ceremony” will be held in various places on this day. In Makuhari city, Chiba prefecture, the ceremony will be held at Tokyo Disneyland in the city.

People who came 20 years old from April of last year to March this year will be invited to the ceremony.

At the ceremony, politicians and celebrities, people who are familiar with the region give celebratory speech.

Especially for women’s new adults, it is a big event for their lives. Thus,

They participate the ceremony, after wearing a gorgeous kimono called “Furisode(振袖)” and coordinating hair-make and accessories well.

Furisode Kimono, 着物(振袖)

By the way, Kimono rental cost is tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. Moreover, many women can not wear it by themselves, because the skill is necessary for wearing Kimono.

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