Apple’s iPhone may be expensive for people living in the Philippines. But in Japan we can buy at a reasonable price.


Japanese major carriers docomo, au, Softbank have discounted more than 40% of the main body price and sell the remainder 24 times a monthly installment. Yes, in Japan it is common to pay smart phone usage fees on a monthly basis. The user does not feel a psychological burden if the fixed price includes model fee. Moreover, it is greatly discounted already.

Then the user can change the contract plan two years later, because the payment for iPhone will pay off. Most people continue the same contract for two years, because when users abandon contracts in less than two years they need to pay the iPhone price balance at once.

In addition, carriers can discount the price of iPhone,
Since each user can surely pay the usage fee for two years.

That’s why the share of iPhone in Japan is higher than in other countries.

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