Tokyo also entered the winter.

One of the traditional Japanese heating equipment is a hottie. It’s calld “Yutampo(湯たんぽ)” in Japanese. Yutampo is a water bottle to put hot water. We use it when we go to bed. On cold winter nights, when you go to bed with a Yutampo, the heated blood circulates and you can rest comfortably.


However, be careful, if you touch the same part of your body for a long time, you will get cold burns.

There are the following types of Yutampo’s materials.


The thermal conductivity is good. It is very warm but be careful, because it is easy to burn.


The thermal conductivity is poor, the warmth is mild, so it is hard to burn.


It feels nice. It is hard to burn.


Warmth lasts long. It is easy to break when dropped.

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