Makuuchi and Juryou

The ranking of the top 42 wrestlers including the Yokozuna and Sanyaku are called “Makuuchi(幕内)”. And 28 wrestlers who following it is called “Juryou(十両)”.

70 wrestlers who ranked upper than Juryou are given the status of “Sekitori(関取)”. They are allowed traditional hairstyles called “Ooicyou(大銀杏)”.  A salary will be paid to them by the Sumo Association. Of course, the higher ranker gets high salary.

Sumo ranking chart、相撲の番付表
Sumo ranking chart. A strong wrestler wrote a name with a bigger font.

Below Juryou is the rank of the undercard called “Makushita(幕下)”. No salary will be paid to the Makushita wrestlers.

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