Ozeki, Sekiwake, Komusubi

The next rank of the Yokozuna(横綱) is Ozeki(大関). A wrestler who can constantly win more than 10 days will be promoted to Ozeki. Unlike the Yokozuna, Ozeki is demoted when he could not won enough in last 2 tournaments.

The next rank of Ozeki is Sekiwake(関脇), And  the next rank of Sekiwake is Komusubi(小結). They are not particularly qualified, but they are the title given to the best-ranked skillful.

Ozeki, Sekiwake, Komusubi are collectively called “Sanyaku(三役)”. In other words, they are Yokozuna reserve forces. There are also no limit of the number for Sanyaku. However, few wrestlers can promoted to these ranks.

There is the selemony of the “Sanyaku-soroibumi(三役揃い踏み)”.

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