Sumo match

Generally, powerful and clumsy wrestlers frequently use “Tsuki-Oshi-zumo(突き押し相撲)”. It is an attack by both hands palm.

On the other hand, wrestlers who with high skill prefer the technique “Nage(投げ)”. It is an attack that grabs the oppornent’s belt and topple over.

大相撲の取り組みIf there is a gap in size, the smaller wrestler aims for superiority with agile movement. If a small wrestler is moved next to or behind the opponent, he can push a big opponent out easily.

Most matches will be finalized within 30 seconds. Many matches end in less than one second.

Conversely, if the power of both competes and the match goes over 2 minutes, it is called “O-zumo(大相撲)” and the venue gets excited.

However, If both wrestlers do not move after scrum, the match is temporarily suspended. After a short break, it will resume from the original position.

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