Many Filipino vaguely knows about sumo wrestling. Takayasu, one of the leading wrestlers, has a Filipina mother.


Sumo is Japanese national sports. It was originally a Shinto ceremony. For that reason the wrestlers who were promoted to the New Yokozuna (Highest ranker) will perform “Dohyo-iri(土俵入り)” ceremonies for God at the shrine.

Most sumo wrestlers look obese, but unexpectedly they are athletes with high athletic ability. There are also 288 kg wrestler in them. If he does not have the muscular strength to support weight, his daily life will so difficult.

Their figure is optimized for sumo wrestling. Because in sumo, There is no weight restriction like judo and wresring. Therefore, often big wrestler and small wrestler fight.  But in many cases, heavy wrestler is more advantageous, and instantaneous power is more effective than endurance.

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