100 yen uniform store

There are many shops in Japan that sell all items at 100 yen (+ consumption tax). 100 yen is about 40 – 50 pesos.

Those shops sell for 100 yen even it is a worth expensive item. Since they suppress purchasing costs by purchasing in bulk. For example, this can opener is also 100 yen. It is cheaper than buying in the Philippines.

Tin opener、缶切り

Also, packages that are more expensive, such as detergents, are sold at 100 yen by reducing the amount. Therefore most of daily necessities can be purchased at 100 yen shop.

There are inferior goods while it is cheap, but if you make good use of the 100 yen shop, you can suppress your daily expenses.

In addition, the largest store called “Daiso” sells with products of 200 yen or more not only 100 yen item. Therefore the product range is more abundant than the 100 yen uniform shop.

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