When we eat Japanese noodles such as udon, soba, ramen, champon and yakisoba, it is normal to make sound ‘Zzzzoo’ while eating. Some foreigners think that it is uncomfortable, but since they are Japanese traditional style, there is no choice but to get used to it. Or avoid there.

ラーメンを食べる人、Person who eating ramenWhen we put the noodles in our mouth, we will have a sharp mouth and breathe in with the air. Then that sound comes out. Actually, this is not exaggerated to eat it. This is a high technique, to relieve the heat of soups and noodles with air to prevent burns in the mouth. Some people make sounds even when they eat cold noodles.

However, it is manners not to make a sound when eating foreign noodles such as spaghetti also in Japan.

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