In a udon restaurant called “Sanuki-udon”, the method of ordering is different from the other udon restaurants.

In an ordinary udon restaurant, we order udon which is set with favorite ingredients such as tempura udon, kitsune udon etc. However, at the Sanuki Udon restaurant we can choose the ingredients of the topping separately from udon as much as you like.

The Sanuki Udon restaurant has an order counter that also serves as a kitchen. And, corner of ingredients, ordering / receiving section of udon, checkout cash register are made in order.

The order flow is below.

First of all, we take the ingredients we want to eat at the corner of the topping by ourselves.

Next, we order a kind of udon. Variations of udon are warm or cold, put raw egg on, etc.

When we receive udon, we go to the cashier and pay the total price.

A big eater will buy much more tempura

We carry it to the vacant seat by ourselves and eat it.

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