Treasury of food

There are probably far more dishes in Japan than the Philippines. This is because Japanese landscape is vertically elongated, there are areas of subtropical, temperate and subarctic zones, plentiful of mountains and oceans and regions of various climates mixed. Agricultural products and seafood collected in the northern Hokkaido and Tohoku districts are different from Okinawa and Kyushu in the south. And the prey picked is different in the Pacific and the Sea of Japan. Moreover, nowadays the distribution network has developed, other regional ingredients are now readily available.

In addition, the Japanese adopts overseas dishes and ingredients inconsistently and arranges them independently. Typical Japanese food such as ramen and tempura was originally foreign food.

Therefore, in Japan, there are many variations of dishes originally, and it continues to increase even now. That’s why there are a lot of introductions of food to this blog.

Japanese food、和食

If you come to Japan, I recommend you try some of the classic dishes where you can eat anywhere, as well as trying unique dishes that can only be eaten in that place.

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