Tattoo is taboo

Tattoo is one of taboos in Japanese society. Becase it was a symbol of Yakuza gang for long years. They tattooed in their bodies to express the intention that ‘I am not an ordinary person’.

Therefore, many Japanese beware tatooed people. And many spas, public bath, swimming pools, and gyms are refusing them to use. Also, people with a tattoo are hard to be adopted as civil servants or office workers.

A package of yakuza movies. Japanese tattoos are pretty artistic. But many people watch out for who have it, because it is a manifestation of determination to be “not an ordinary person”.

Today, although the number of Japanese who has a tattoo as a fashion increased, they are still minority.

Recently, many Japanese people have become tolerant for tattoo of foreign people.  I think that tattoos of foreigners and not Yakuza-style designs should be allowed. However, it is difficult to decide criteria for screening. Therefore, it is better not to have a tattoo if you will live in Japan.

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