Vending machines

There are vending machines for drinks in various places in Japan. Anyway, electronics is a specialty of Japan. And if we introduce a vending machine we can saves labor costs. Humans simply refill the machine with goods. After that the machine sell it 24 hours every day. It will never mistake the change account.

Well, in Japan’s vending machine can supply both hot and cold drink. There are also vending machines that sell sweets, breads, umbrellas, fruits and so on.

Vending machine、自動販売機
Advanced vending machines have large touch screen.

In the Philippines, I have seen vending machines only at the Mactan International Airport, except for the coin insertion type water server.

Also, many vending machines are defenseless. But rarely in Japan it is broken or cash and goods are stolen. Because the return on success is not commensurate with the labor, the time required, the risk of being arrested.

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