Stupid election rules

On the last Sunday, elections for all Japan were held. The characteristic of Japan’s election is “previous era”.

For example, the candidates have to put the election poster on the designated bulletin board. This board is made of wood, it is set everywhere in the election period, and is discarded when the election is over. It is a waste of resources and taxes at all.

Election bulletin board in Japan, 日本の選挙ボード
Election bulletin board in Japan

It should be replaced with a permanent digital bulletin board because Japan is a major electronics giant. Except the election period, I think that it would be nice to display publicity, weather forecast, traffic information, etc. But it does not become so.

In fact, Japan’s political system is made advantageous to ruling parties or existing political parties. For example, If a candidate want to post a lot of posters, you need an organization. Small parties and individual candidates  can not put posters on all bulletin boards. However, concentrating on pasting posters, candidates lose the time to show off their policies towards voters.

In addition, candidates are prohibited from election activities using e-mail. It is said that the ruling party has many elderly lawmakers who can not fully use IT. But, originally they should hire appropriate staff.

However, SNS is not prohibited. That’s because the rules have not overtaken the new technology, not because there is understanding. However the young generation’s voter turnout is low.

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