Ohashiwa nanzen goriyodesuka?

Continuation of “Atatamemasuka?

When you buy multiple lunch boxes or cup noodles at a convenience store, A store clerk will ask you “Ohashiwa nanzen goriyodesuka?” This is Japanese for “How many chopsticks do you need?” In other words, it means “How many people use it?” Or “How many times do you want to eat?” Because, generally chopsticks and forks are not attached to convenience store lunch boxes and cup noodle package in Japan.


In addition, “Zen” is the end of the word when expressing the number of chopsticks, similar to the expression “one person” “two peaces” “three blocks” in English.

Therefore, When a clerk asks you ‘Ohashiwa nanzen…?’ please answer the number. Exemplary answers are “Ichi zen(一膳)”, “Ni zen(二膳)” and “San zen(三膳)”, but you can make it well with “Hitotsu(一つ)” or “一個(一個)”. Of course it is okay with your finger’s signature. Or numbers can be communicated in English.

When it is unnecessary, let’s answer “Irimasen”. The clerk did not give chopsticks, but when you want it, say “Please give me chopsticks.”

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