Green Cross Alcohol

A Filipino woman my acquaintance who just came to Japan this summer says, “I miss Green Cross alcohol.” She often used it in her home country.

Green Cross Alcohol

This item is rarely distributed in Japan. You can buy it at a few import shops. However, the price of the 500 ml bottle is about 1,000 yen. Too expensive. It is certainly about 70 pesos in the Philippines, right?

Therefore, you should obtain it in the following way.

  • Buy yourse it when you return home, and bring it
  • Ask an acquaintance who return home temporarily or visit Japan from now
  • Ask the local family to send it by international delivery service *

* Please check the regulations. Liquids may not be transportable.

In Japan, gel is more common than liquid. If you want a liquid type, this item may be easier to obtain.

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