Ramen is originally Chinese cuisine. But it developed independently in Japan. Now it became one of the representative of Japanese foods.

There are various kinds of ramen for each ingredient of soup. Perhaps, the most popular among Filipinos is ‘Tonkotsu Ramen.’ Anyway, pork is popular in the Philippines.

Ikkousha Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen、一幸舎の博多豚骨ラーメン

Tonkotsu means pig bones. The soup is made by boiling pig bones for a long time. It is light brown and has a deep taste.

Depending on the ramen shop, the soup has a unique smell, and there are many people love it, but some people deny it.

By the way, the home of Tonkotsu Ramen is Fukuoka prefecture. And there are many Tonkotsu Ramen shops there. A Filipino ESL teacher who is assigned to Fukuoka Prefecture may be happy.

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