Japan is a country with many earthquakes. If we include a weak shake, earthquakes are occurring somewhere everyday. This is because Japan is on the boundary of the following four plates from a geological.

  • North American Plate
  • Eurasian Plate
  • Pacific Plate
  • Philippine Plate

However, do not worry. Many buildings in Japan are made of earthquake resistant construction. But some old buildings do not conform to the new building standards. So be careful when the strong earthquake occers. Especially wooden houses may cause fire due to earthquake.

In ancient Japan, people believed catfish occur an earthquake. It was a strange superstition.

Earthquakes are rare in the Philippines, and make people fuss. But Japanese do not panic with a walkable earthquake. we are used to it.

Because of that, when a big earthquake occur someday, Many Japanese may be sacrificed without evacuating immediately. But almost Filipinos may be evacuated immediately and saved.

By the way, it is unpredictable by current science technology when and where earthquakes occur.

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