Sara Udon

Sara Udon  is a famous dish of Nagasaki lining up with Champon.

Sara Udon, 皿うどん

Although the word “udon” is contained in the name, it is not a kind of udon, but uses thinly deep-fried Chinese style noodles.

There is no soup in the Sara Udon, put the fried noodles on the dish, eat it with fried vegetables, fish paste, shrimp、cloud ear mushroom and starchy sauce. My recommendation is to wait for a few minutes and eat fried noodles after softening them. Let’s put a Worcester sauce or mustard  with your choice.

The Sara Udon is healthy with plenty of vegetables, It has a distinctive taste different from any of the other Japanese noodle such as ramen, udon, soba, Champon etc.

You can eat Sara Udon in Ringer Hut as well as Champon.

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