Japanese style toilet

There is a Japanese style toilet. It has decreased considerably in recent years. But most of the old toilets were so.

Japanese style toilet, 和式トイレIn Japanese style toilets, toilet bowls are set on the floor. So we can not sit there. So when we use it, we need to crouch on it.

Japanese style toilet, 和式トイレ
How to use is this

In addition, many Japanese style toilet doors are behind. Many Japanese do not mind it. However, foreigners may feel uneasy.


Halloween culture in Japan has changed greatly in recent years.


Originally in Japan, Halloween was not popular, thus only some foods and items related to pumpkin were sold a little in the past. But in recent years it has become a festival that people cosplay and walk around the downtown area. These cosplayers says “Trick or Treat” but no one expect for treat, and adults are more enthusiastic than children.

By the way, the original purpose of Halloween is to greet the soul of ancestors. It is called “Obon” in Japan. Generally it is customs around August 15th. Japanese people visit the grave in Obon. Of course without doing cosplay.

Tattoo is taboo

Tattoo is one of taboos in Japanese society. Becase it was a symbol of Yakuza gang for long years. They tattooed in their bodies to express the intention that ‘I am not an ordinary person’.

Therefore, many Japanese beware tatooed people. And many spas, public bath, swimming pools, and gyms are refusing them to use. Also, people with a tattoo are hard to be adopted as civil servants or office workers.

A package of yakuza movies. Japanese tattoos are pretty artistic. But many people watch out for who have it, because it is a manifestation of determination to be “not an ordinary person”.

Today, although the number of Japanese who has a tattoo as a fashion increased, they are still minority.

Recently, many Japanese people have become tolerant for tattoo of foreign people.  I think that tattoos of foreigners and not Yakuza-style designs should be allowed. However, it is difficult to decide criteria for screening. Therefore, it is better not to have a tattoo if you will live in Japan.

Vending machines

There are vending machines for drinks in various places in Japan. Anyway, electronics is a specialty of Japan. And if we introduce a vending machine we can saves labor costs. Humans simply refill the machine with goods. After that the machine sell it 24 hours every day. It will never mistake the change account.

Well, in Japan’s vending machine can supply both hot and cold drink. There are also vending machines that sell sweets, breads, umbrellas, fruits and so on.

Vending machine、自動販売機
Advanced vending machines have large touch screen.

In the Philippines, I have seen vending machines only at the Mactan International Airport, except for the coin insertion type water server.

Also, many vending machines are defenseless. But rarely in Japan it is broken or cash and goods are stolen. Because the return on success is not commensurate with the labor, the time required, the risk of being arrested.


Unfortunately, there are no  Jollibee stores  in Japan. There was a rumor that earlier this year “Jolybee is considering opening stores in Japan.” However, it did not come true. It is reasonable. In Japan, the hamburger chain competition is intense.


Of course, the biggest player in Japan is McDonald’s. And Mos Burger, Lotteria, Freshness Burger follow. These shops are originating in Japan. Also, First Kitchen Wendy’s, Burger King etc. There are also many small chain stores and independent shops.

By the way, I have seen Wendy’s at the aquarium in Manila. I also used Burger King at Manila Airport Terminal 3. Needless to say, I frequently used Jollibee.

Oh, McDonald’s in the Philippines has a rice menu, but it is not in a Japanese hamburger shop. Exceptionally, Mos Burger has a rice burger that replacing the buns with rice.

In the Philippines, Jolyby occupies the majority of sales of the restaurant industry, but Japan has a wide variety of restaurants. Therefore Japanese go to other shops when they want to eat rice dishes.

Stupid election rules

On the last Sunday, elections for all Japan were held. The characteristic of Japan’s election is “previous era”.

For example, the candidates have to put the election poster on the designated bulletin board. This board is made of wood, it is set everywhere in the election period, and is discarded when the election is over. It is a waste of resources and taxes at all.

Election bulletin board in Japan, 日本の選挙ボード
Election bulletin board in Japan

It should be replaced with a permanent digital bulletin board because Japan is a major electronics giant. Except the election period, I think that it would be nice to display publicity, weather forecast, traffic information, etc. But it does not become so.

In fact, Japan’s political system is made advantageous to ruling parties or existing political parties. For example, If a candidate want to post a lot of posters, you need an organization. Small parties and individual candidates  can not put posters on all bulletin boards. However, concentrating on pasting posters, candidates lose the time to show off their policies towards voters.

In addition, candidates are prohibited from election activities using e-mail. It is said that the ruling party has many elderly lawmakers who can not fully use IT. But, originally they should hire appropriate staff.

However, SNS is not prohibited. That’s because the rules have not overtaken the new technology, not because there is understanding. However the young generation’s voter turnout is low.


When we go to the restaurant in the Philippines, sometimes a cup with ice are served with beer. That is a unique culture of the Philippines.

In Japan, many people like well chilled beer. Also, there are restaurants that serve beer in a glass mug cooled in a freezer.

Beer, ビール
Beer in a frozen mug.


Perhaps the common tea in the Philippines is sweet iced tea. But in Japan, oolong tea, green tea, barley tea, etc. without sugar are common.

Ice tea, 冷たいお茶
When you drink tea at a shop, you may request sugar or syrup as needed.

But, since sweet tea is sold a little, please try looking for drinking.