Mentality of Japanese

Many Japanese are more pessimistic than the Filipino. There are several reasons. Of course, this is just a general theory. It’s depends on the individuals.

Perfect thinking

Many Japanese are perfect thinking. Therefore, in school education, it was important to not mistake the answer to a question for a long time.

However, no one is perfect in the world. A handful of excellent people will behave without fail but others will make a mistake and regret it.

Japan makes high quality products. That is the result of working perfectly oriented of Japanese. But sometimes it works for the worse. In that case the high demands imposed on them hurt themselves.

Family unity is weak

Compared to the Filipino, the unity of Japanese families is weak.

Also In Japan, family consisting of three generations were common in the past. But now it is a minority. It is the result of economic development, population has moved to urban areas, nuclear families have increased.

Japanese tended to give priority to work rather than family in the past.

However, people who does not supported by their families is fragile in mental.

Geographical reasons

In tropical island countries, seafoods and fruits are easily obtained. And if they lost a house to live, they will not die soon. But it is different in cold areas.

Now, Japan has become rich but In the past, laziness came directly to death in the past. Even though people are diligent, if the climate worsened they faced to fear of starve to death. Therefore a careful personality or a pessimistic way of thinking was the key to survival.

I hear that many Filipino people use lots of salary without thinking afterwards. It is possible only people who live in a tropical country and have strong unity in their families.

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