Racial descrimination?

When you live in Japan, you may feel alienation and discrimination. Sometimes a Japanese who is meeting for the first time will observe you from top to bottom. But that is probably just curiosity.

Today, international exchanges are increasing, but some Japanese are not used to foreigners yet, because Japan is almost a single racial country. Chinese, Korean, Mongolian are close in appearance to the Japanese, but Filipino people are a little noticeable. Most Japanese do not feel discrimination against Filipinos.

However, some elderly people mainly have stereotypes that “young Filipino women are working in pubs”. Because it is difficult for Filipinos to obtain working visas in Japan yet, it has been easier for entertainers. So many Filipino women came to Japan as dancer or singer and then worked as a hostess in a pub.

From such a background, if you are a young woman, you may get sexual harassment from elderly men who have not been able to renew their recognition, so let’s avoid it well.

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