Seasons in Japan

The seasons in Japan are divided into 4: spring, summer, autumn  and winter. If the rainy season is also counted, it is 5. Were the seasons of the Philippines only “hot summer” and “not hot summer”?

In Japan, the progress of the season is different depending on the region, because the national land is long in the north and south. Each season of Tokyo is roughly as follows.

  • Spring: March to May
  • Rainyu: June
  • Summer: July to September
  • Autumn: October to November
  • Winter: December to February

There are many hot days in summer in Tokyo than Cebu. The main reason is the heat island phenomenon. Cause, Many paved roads hold heat, An enormous number of air conditioner outdoor units discharge hot air, Tall building blocks the cold wind from the sea, Etc. Moreover, Japan has high humidity, so even at the same temperature we feel hotter.

Winter in the southernmost Okinawa Prefecture is milder than Tokyo. But it will be colder than the Philippines, because it is north of Luzon Island.

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