Rice eater

According to one theory, Filipino will die without rice. Japanese people are also Rice Eater like Filipino. There are various ways to eat rice in Japan. But it is different from Philippine style.

The easiest rice dish is “Onigiri(おにぎり)”. Onigiri is a rice ball, like the Philippine Puso. You can buy it at every convenience store and supermarket.


Many onigili are wrapped in blacky seaweed, and you can eat seaweed together.

Moreover, valious side dish in it. Typical side dishes are follows.

  • Umeboshi(梅干し) ← Salted plum
  • Konbu(昆布)← Seasoned kelp
  • Salmon()← Grilled salmon
  • Ikura(イクラ) ← Salmon egg pickled in soy sauce
  • Tunamayo(ツナマヨ)  ← Tuna flakes with mayonnaise
  • Tarako(たらこ) ← Grilled egg of Alaska pollock
  • Karashi mentaiko(辛子明太子) ← Pickled egg of Alaska pollock in spicy seasoning
  • Tenmusu(天むす) ← Tenpura of shrimp

Generally Onigiri is cheaper than other rice dishes. Moreever, onigiri will be discounted from 9PM at the many supermarket.

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