Wooden hosing

The traditional Japanese housing is wooden. The traditional Japanese housing is wooden. In summer, wood absorbs moisture, and in winter its’s keeps warm air.

Old wooden housing, 古い木造住宅

Therefore, most of the houses are still wooden. However, in recent years it is built in combination with modern materials, Because there is a limit to the basic performance of wood.

In addition, wooden houses deteriorate as soon as people leave without living.


In English, Is “Mansion” a luxurious residence? For example it is with a swimming pool.

In Japan, apartment houses made of reinforced concrete are called condominiums. Even small ones, even plain for low-income people are made of reinforced concrete, it is a mansion. In other words, we refer to the condominium as “mansion”.

Tower mansion, タワーマンション
Recent years, Tower mansion that over 20 floors are popular in urban areas

On the other hand, wooden apartment houses are called “apartments” even if they are made of advanced building technology.


Every March 3rd is the day of Hinamatsuri(雛祭り). We pray for the growth of girls. However, it is not a holiday.

Traditional families with girls decorate dolls called “Hinaningyou(雛人形)” at their house.

Hinaninngyou, 雛人形
The dolls are wearing costumes of aristocracy of more than 1000 years old.

Furthermore, there is a superstition that girls’ marriage is delayed when the removal of the dolls is delayed after the Hinamatsuri.


Many Japanese mistakenly remember some English words. The most typical one is hip. Many Japanese think that hip is a soft part of buttocks.


Therefore, even if you say “but” to a Japanese who is not proficient in English, You can not communicate to them. They will imagine of a bat or baseball bat.

School uniform (for women)

The classic of uniforms for junior high and high school girls was a sailor suit. Everyone may have seen it with animation etc. For example, Sailor Moon is wearing it.
Sailor-fuku, セーラー服
This is winter clothes. Summer clothes will be white short-sleeved blouses

Men’s uniform was designed with reference to military uniforms of officers, but girls’ uniforms are based on uniforms of sailors.

Bad custom

It is said that Japan is an advanced country, but there are many bad customs for Japan. One of them is intolerance.

Last year, a girl student at a prefectural high school in Osaka tried a trial against the school. She lost her physical condition and suffered a disadvantage because she was forced to dye her birth-in brown hair into black from the school. The school said that they make the same request even to blonde international students, too. And Osaka Prefecture also requests the court to dismiss claims.

Female hair

The majority of Japanese hair color is black or dark brown. But there is no reason why all the students should be unified. I can understand that why they ban hair dyeing for their students.  But it is human rights violation to deny what is innate. After all, the school just wants to manage students uniformly. They do not recognize that it is not good for Japanese society.

Japanese are strong against competition based on rules in such as sports or industry. On the other hand, Japanese are not good at newly creating something epochal. The cause is in Japan’s stupid school education. Because many schools require students to have the same idea and personality.

How to buy a train ticket

The railway network is substantial in urban areas of Japan. Also, since Japan is a vending machine powerhouse, we buy a ticket at a ticket vending machine when we ride a train.


Even foreigners will be able to grasp the general usage of ticket vending machines. Because the buttons are divided for each charge, you only have to put in money and press one of the buttons.

Therefore, difficulties for foreigners may understand some of the charges to the destination. The railway fee depends on the distance you got on the train.

The train map is displayed on the wall above the ticket vending machine at the station, but finding it from there is troublesome. For some unfamiliar territory it is difficult for Japanese people. Therefore it would be easier to remember how to use the train guide application on smartphones.

Well, most railway stations have an information desk, so when you ask, a clerk will tell you the fee to the destination.

In addition, we can buy a ticket for the Shinkansen even with a ticket vending machine. However, many people order clerks at windows to negotiate conditions such as seat assignment.

Railway electronic money card

There are many railway electronic money cards in Japan. The most representative ones are SUICA and PASMO, which are spreading in the suburbs of Tokyo. There are similar standard cards in other regions.


The electronic money card is the same size as the credit card in which the IC chip is embedded. If you charge cash as electronic money on it with ticket vending machines etc., you can use it instead of a wallet at a convenience store.

Also, if you have enough charges, you can ride a bus or train without buying a ticket.

Miniskirt girl student

In Japan, many junior and senior high school students go to school by wearing uniforms. Also, many girls like short skirts. Surely the shorter the skirt is fashionable, and it looks cute.

Miniskirt girl student, ミニスカートの女子生徒

Moreover they are strong. Because even in the snowing season there are many girls who are exposing bare feet with mini skirts.

But we feel cold when we see them. Please let someone fashionable tights matched with their uniforms as well. Or please design someone’s uniform for girls with fashionable pants