“Nabe-ryori(鍋料理)” cooking is a representative dish of East Asia. It is a vegetable, meat, seafood, tofu, mushrooms etc soup boiled in soup or water.  It is especially favored during the cold season.

Nabe, 鍋

There are a variety of Nabe-ryori in Japan. Representative ones are as follows.

  • Yose-nabe(寄せ鍋) ← Boiled various ingredients with soup stock.
  • Mizutaki(水炊き) ← Boiled various ingredients in water.  We eat it seasoning by ouurself.
  • Kaisen-nabe(海鮮鍋) ← Mainly using seafood.
  • Chige-nabe(チゲ鍋) ← Korean style, it is spicy and seasoned with kimchi and red pepper.

There are many types of nabe for each province or ingredient. Seasoning is also various, such as soy sauce, miso, chicken soup, pork bone soup  or more.

In Japan, we call them “Nabe” by omitting “Nabe-ryori”. It is the same notation and pronunciation as the cooker’s pot.


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