When you want to eat cheaply or quickly while you are out, beef bowl is the best. I recommend it to Filipinos because it is rice dish. Beef bowl is ‘Gyudon (牛丼)’ in Japanese.

Gyudon, 牛丼
Red one is Beni Syouga (紅生姜). It is what pickled ginger in plum vinegar. You can topping it yourself.

Beef bowl is easy to cook, just put on simmered onion and beef on rice. So, it will be served as soon as you place an order. And a simple dish is about 400 yen. Even if you additional order a salad with consideration for health, it fits at 500 yen.

Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Sukiya, Nakau are famous as beef bowl chain store. There are shops in the city center and major railway station.

Toilet paper

In the Philippines, we discard used toilet paper in the trash can in the toilet. I heard that it is difficult to dissolve the toilet paper in water, and the piping of the sewage tends to be clogged.

In Japan, we discard used toilet paper into toilet bowl. Since toilet paper made in Japan quickly dissolves in water, piping will not clog unless you flush to a large amount at once. Therefore, we do not need to dispose of it as garbage.

Toilet 1Paper, トイレットペーパー

By the way the airline toilet is the same as in Japan. We can throw the toilet paper inside the toilet.

Drip coffee in convenience store

In the Philippines’ 7-Eleven, we operate the machine ourself and drip coffee into the cup prepared, then pay at the cash register. But it is different in Japanese convenience store. In Seven Eleven and Family Mart, we buy an empty cup at the cash register, then operate the machine ourself and drip coffee into it. At Lawson, when we order coffee at the cash register, a clerk drip coffee into the cup and offer us.

7-Eleven coffee machine in the Philippines. フィリピンのセブンイレブンのコーヒーマシーン
7-Eleven coffee machine in the Philippines.
Incidentally, it is the same for shao pao. In the Philippines, We put it on a wrapping paper by ourself and bring it to a cash register. But in Japan, a clerk will offer it after putting it in wrapping paper.

Ohashiwa nanzen goriyodesuka?

Continuation of “Atatamemasuka?

When you buy multiple lunch boxes or cup noodles at a convenience store, A store clerk will ask you “Ohashiwa nanzen goriyodesuka?” This is Japanese for “How many chopsticks do you need?” In other words, it means “How many people use it?” Or “How many times do you want to eat?” Because, generally chopsticks and forks are not attached to convenience store lunch boxes and cup noodle package in Japan.


In addition, “Zen” is the end of the word when expressing the number of chopsticks, similar to the expression “one person” “two peaces” “three blocks” in English.

Therefore, When a clerk asks you ‘Ohashiwa nanzen…?’ please answer the number. Exemplary answers are “Ichi zen(一膳)”, “Ni zen(二膳)” and “San zen(三膳)”, but you can make it well with “Hitotsu(一つ)” or “一個(一個)”. Of course it is okay with your finger’s signature. Or numbers can be communicated in English.

When it is unnecessary, let’s answer “Irimasen”. The clerk did not give chopsticks, but when you want it, say “Please give me chopsticks.”


Also in Japan, There are many convenience stores. Moreover the number of stores and service levels are far better in Japan than in the Philippines.

The convenience store is usually called “Konbini(コンビニ)” in Japan.

convenience store、コンビニエンスストア

Well, When you try to buy a boxed lunch or a prepared dish you will be asked in Japanese as ” Atatamemasuka?” This means “Do you want this warmed up in a microwave?” Therefore please answer by “hai(はい=Yes)” or “iie(いいえ=No).”

Also, you are not asked by a clerk, but when you want to warm it up say “Atatamete kudasai(温めてください)”.


I recommend to try Japanese bathing culture to Filipinos coming to Japan.

Japanese housing have a bathtub in the bathroom except for Okinawa prefecture where the climate is close to the Philippines. In Europe and the US, bathtub may be a place to wash our body. However, Japanese fill warm water that around 40° C into the bathtub, and soak for minutes. We wash our body at outside the bathtub.


You will not get used to soak in warmed water at first. But please try this bathing method before going to bed especially autumn and winter. The cold climate in Japan would be unbearable for Filipinos who come to Japan for the first time. But if you aoak in the bath, your body warmed up and you can sleep soundly on cold nights.

Also, bathing has a relaxing effect to adjust autonomic nerves. I am sure that you like it.

Tamagokake Gohan

Tamagokake Gohan is a favorite of many Japanese. It’s inexpensive, quick to eat, and high nutritional value.

Just put all the contents of the egg in warm rice and put soy sauce. We mix it with chopsticks and eat. Oh, It is better to mix egg using another bowl and put it in rice.

Tamagokake-Gohanm、卵かけご飯I heard that it is not common to eat raw eggs except for Japan. However, for many Japanese people feel that ballot is very grotesque.

Green Cross Alcohol

A Filipino woman my acquaintance who just came to Japan this summer says, “I miss Green Cross alcohol.” She often used it in her home country.

Green Cross Alcohol

This item is rarely distributed in Japan. You can buy it at a few import shops. However, the price of the 500 ml bottle is about 1,000 yen. Too expensive. It is certainly about 70 pesos in the Philippines, right?

Therefore, you should obtain it in the following way.

  • Buy yourse it when you return home, and bring it
  • Ask an acquaintance who return home temporarily or visit Japan from now
  • Ask the local family to send it by international delivery service *

* Please check the regulations. Liquids may not be transportable.

In Japan, gel is more common than liquid. If you want a liquid type, this item may be easier to obtain.

Seafood Noodle

I heard that many Filipinos love Nissin Seafood Noodle. There was a murder incident occurred about it in the past. When I gave it to Filipino staffs of my familiar diving service as a souvenir, they were pleased.

Nissin CUP NOODLE SEAFOOD シーフードヌードル

Well, it is such a seafood noodle, but it is hard to find a ramen shop serve it. More often, curry noodles are rare in the city. They are what Nissin developed for cup noodles.

Therefore, the closest thing to seafood noodles is Nagasaki Champon. You can eat Nagasaki Champon with Ringer Hut etc.