Karaoke is originating in Japan. However, not everyone sings.

And the place to sing is limited a karaoke studio, pub, or home, not the roadside.

Moreover, karaoke in Japan is a little expensive leisure. In many karaoke studios, we need to pay entrance fee per hour and order something to drink. After that it is all you can sing until time limit. There are also many Philippine songs.

But karaoke service is also evolving. There is a karaoke service that can be absorbed alone was appear. It’s called ‘Hitori Karaoke’.

Karaoke, カラオケ


Don’t you think Champon is a Korean cuisine? Certainly Korean-made Champon is sold at the super market in the Philippines. There might also be TV commercials about it.

But, Champon is traditional Japanese food. The birthplace is Nagasaki where famous for A-bomb survivors.  “Champon” is Japanese meaning “Mixture.” It is common to have thick noodles, mixed chicken roe soup and pork soup, plenty of fried vegetables, fish paste, cloud ear mushroom and so on.

Nagasaki Champon. The meat like Adobo pork is also Nagasaki cuisine.

In recent years, Koreans adjusted it to Korean style and sold it. Therefore Korean Champon is pretty spicy, but the original Champon is a dish featuring sweetness of vegetables.

You can enjoy the Champon in a restaurant chain named Ringer Hut in Japan.